Monday, July 27, 2009

Golden $plash!

On Friday marked a little milestone that thrilled this hopeful mother. Bambino learned to sip from a straw without any aid. Consequently, this newly acquired skill made him a little more interested in his formula.He likes the novelty of the straw.

The past week, EO28 Splash is all he would drink. Like Neocate, it is nutritionally complete, hypo-allergenic and it's calorie dense at 30 cal per ounce. Unlike Neocate, it is ready to drink so it's convenient - no measuring and mixing. It is also mucho expensivo. We've been giving him samples from our Nutritionist and the doctors' offices and we are almost running out so I scrambled to go online to see where they can be purchased. My husband always goes to Amazon first and we were floored to find out that it costs $14.55 plus $11 S&H for an 8oz pack! With insurance refusing to cover it, there's no way we can afford $25 per 8 ounce.

Fortunately, it sells for a lot, lot less at the Nutricia online store at $115 for a box of 27, plus Hubby found a $25 discount coupon online bringing the cost down to about $3.33 per 8oz pack. Huge relief! And we are just as ecstatic that he is eating a lot more than his 3oz average daily intake of Neocate.

On the G-tube front, we are still awaiting the result on that one test the GI doc ordered, the result of which will aid us in our decision whether or not to place him on feeding tube.

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Things seem to be looking up :)
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